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My name is Guillermo Rubinetti Etchevers. I'm 29 years old.

I was born in Recoleta Buenos Aires, Argentina the place where I have lived almost all my life.

I īm a lawyer. I got my degree in Law at Buenos Aires University  in June 2001.

My major was Tax Law. I've finished also a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at CEMA University in December 2003.

From January to March 2004 I participated in a student exchange program of ITAM University MBA in Mexico City.

In Mexico I studied in Prof. Joan McLean course about International Human Resources Management focused in the Cultural Differences between and the implications for managers who are expatriated to a foreign countries.

As a lawyer, I worked from 1996 to 2003 in the Federal Justice System for one of the most prestigious Buenos Aires University Real Estate Law professors. I also did a fellowship in a Tax Law Firm in 2000.

In 2003 due to the success of a travel website I created as a hobby, I decided to dedicate all my time and efforts to develop.

By doing this job I 'd been in contact with many foreign people who bought property in Argentina, some as investment, some to relocate, others to have a place when they visit.

In the process of helping others to acquire property in Argentina, I realized there was almost no information online about it.

 And -even you don't need to be a Rocket Scientist- to buy an apartment in Buenos Aires, for people who haven't lived all their life here, it gets more difficult because they don't know the laws, customs, areas, etc.

To fill this gap, I created this website to provide people as much detail as possible of all the steps involved in this transactions.

We also offer from the website to assist you and bring you our consultancy services to make it you even more simple and smoother to concrete the operation:

Personal Tours focused in real estate: Personal Guided Tours around the city, showing you the best areas, explaining the prices of different areas, the kind of people who will live there, possibilities of renting to locals or tourists, etc.

Property Search Service: We offer to search all the market and arrange appointments so when you arrive to Buenos Aires you have scheduled visits to apartments of your interests according to what you are looking.


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