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Section 9 - Escribano.

To concrete the purchase you have to use the services of an Escribano(Notary). The escribano will make a title study of the titles, verify the ownership rights of the seller, and the property rights transmissions 10 years backwards, if there aren't any mortgages, warrants or any other limitation of the property right of the seller respecting to the apartment you want to buy.

The buyer is the one who has the right to choose the Esrcibano. In some cases when the building is in construction, the Constructor Company may want to impose his Escribano when the building is in the process of being built, or has no yet been finished and divided in horizontal property units.

By law you have the right to choose the Escribano, and this is central, this is the person who will certify the acquisition of the right and study the power to sell, and conditions of the apartments, and Register it.

The system in Argentina is very stable, and one of the less conflictive in the Wolrd. But to have this assurance you have to count with a premium Escribano, specialist in real estate Law, and who will do a serious study of the titles.

Escribanos charge a fee that can vary from 1,5 % to 4%. It is very important to find a reliable and good Escribano, since he will check seller ability to sell.



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