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Section 3 - Making appointments / showing up.

Let's say you found 5 properties you are interested in seeing. You should call them to make an appointment. Many real estates have "guardias" and you will be able to visit the property without prior appointment (specially in new buildings, and constructions).

But some of them (specially if someone is living in the property) they will ask you for a land telephone number, to call you and meet.

If you are buying to rent it to tourists for short terms , it can be important that the building  has pool, gym, laundry, sauna and other services which are more common in newer buildings.

Why? Because you are competing with 4/5 stars Hotels which provides them. The truth is most people who rents an apartment won't use the pool, but it is an important deciding factor when they are booking

On the other hand, this type of new towers with amenities are in some cases much more expensive than older ones..



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